I am doing something dumb becuase I have done this 100 times before. Kbox version 5.5.90547

I have a managed installation with a zip file of a batch file and other relevent files. Download gets to the machines, unzips but doesn't appear to run properlly. I see a command prompt flash on the screen but the software doesn't get installed. If I run the batch file from the download folder it works just fine.

configure manually
cmd /c install.bat
don't prepend msiexec.exe
execute anytime 

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  • Hello,

    first of all I'd remove the cmd /c and leave install.bat only
    Then uncheck the "delete files" checkbox in the managed installation (se you can debug)
    Now, after the deploy fails have a look in the c:\Programdata\Dell\Kace\Downloads and try to locate the files of that job.

    What do you see there? are the unzipped files inside a subdirectory or are they on the root of the c:\Programdata\Dell\Kace\Downloads\XX directory?

    If all seems fine the program may have problems to run as LocalSystem so there are other tests you can perform.
    Kind regards,
    StockTrader - Marco
  • I agree with StockTrader on removing cmd /c
    The Managed Installs I have that call a .bat file do not use cmd /c
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