I am an IT tech who uses our company's K1000. I usually get to work about 6:45 am. A few weeks ago I noticed the web interface was not responding until about 7:30 am and when it did become available all the computers in the inventory had a check-in time about 6 hours previous. After a few minutes computers started checking in again. I ran an http ping utility overnight and discovered the web interface went unresponsive at about 2 am. The guy who is responsible for maintaining the device just took over from someone who left the company so doesn'know much about troubleshooting other than rebooting it. I asked him to send me the logs and in the log I see a backup starts at about 2 am and at that time there is an entry "stopping web server". Strangely there is "Backup complete" and "Starting web server" just a minute or so later, but then there are no more log entries until about 7:30 am. There are 3 to 5 thousand computers in the database.
Q1. Is it typical for a backup to take this long? Wouldn't it do incrementals after the first full backup?
Q2. Does it have to disable the web server during a backup?
Q3. Can we set this backup to start at 1 am and if so, how?

I know our version is at least two major increments behind but cannot figure out how to see the version. The guys who manage it do not want to update it for some reason.

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With a large Database and files it can take time to complete the back. I have around 3000 clients and it takes about 2 to 3 hours to backup.

1) It's a full backup

2) Yes

3) Yes you can set the backups to anytime. Just watch out for these two issues:



Answered 10/08/2014 by: ms01ak
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  • Thanks, this helps me to know what to ask the managers of the system.
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It does not sound like it is working correctly or is misconfigured.  We have a few thousand systems with 3 orgs on our kbox and it takes 30-40 minutes typically.  It does not do incrementails so any backup can totally restore the kbox.  since it backs up the sql database and the web interface relies on the sql server running it needs to shut down the web server also to get a complete backup.  Under control panel - backup settings you can tell it when to start its backup.

[2014-10-08 02:01:07 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Begin KBOX Backup...
[2014-10-08 02:01:07 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Stopping webserver...
[2014-10-08 02:01:09 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Stopping konductor...
[2014-10-08 02:01:11 -0700] [info] BACKUP FILE: Processing uploaded files...
[2014-10-08 02:01:12 -0700] [info] BACKUP FILE DISK_SIZE_TOTAL: 18692355380
[2014-10-08 02:01:12 -0700] [info] BACKUP FILE: Creating tar archive
[2014-10-08 02:19:36 -0700] [info] BACKUP FILE TAR_SIZE_TOTAL: 1513086976
[2014-10-08 02:19:36 -0700] [info] BACKUP FILE: Performing File Retention
[2014-10-08 02:19:36 -0700] [info] BACKUP FILE LAST SIZE: 18559714381
[2014-10-08 02:19:49 -0700] [info] KBOX Database Maintenance
[2014-10-08 02:31:19 -0700] [info] BACKUP DB OPTIMIZE: Database optimization start.
[2014-10-08 02:31:46 -0700] [info] BACKUP DB: Processing Entire Database...
[2014-10-08 02:34:21 -0700] [info] BACKUP DB: Performing DB Retention
[2014-10-08 02:34:21 -0700] [info] BACKUP DB LAST SIZE: 206768627
[2014-10-08 02:34:21 -0700] [info] BACKUP DB: DB Maintenance Complete.
[2014-10-08 02:34:21 -0700] [info] BACKUP CLEANUP: Cleaning up files created by running reports
[2014-10-08 02:34:21 -0700] [info] BACKUP CLEANUP: Cleaning up any uploaded inventory files that got dropped on the floor due to processing errors
[2014-10-08 02:34:21 -0700] [info] BACKUP CLEANUP: Cleaning up any files generated by an upgrade
[2014-10-08 02:34:21 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Performing other nightly activities
[2014-10-08 02:34:22 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Complete.
[2014-10-08 02:34:22 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Running Backup Verification steps
[2014-10-08 02:36:37 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Backup Verification complete
[2014-10-08 02:36:37 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Processing Status file
[2014-10-08 02:36:37 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Backup verification complete. No errors found.
[2014-10-08 02:36:37 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Backup files available for off-box storage via ftp.
[2014-10-08 02:36:37 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Starting webserver...
[2014-10-08 02:36:39 -0700] [info] BACKUP: Starting konductor...
Answered 10/08/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Thanks, this helps me to know what to ask the managers of the system.
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