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The KBEMANIPULATOR supposedly allows one to build a custom boot .ISO for use with the K2 SDA. I've downloaded it and installed it, as well as the Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (v. 10).

But when I try to start the KBEMANIPILATOR, it complains that it can't find either a WAIK or an ADK installation, despite my browsing to the ADK directory (and trying several deeper), and despite Windows' Add/Remove Programs list showing the ADK as installed.

I can't figure out how to convince the KBEMANIPULATOR to see my installed ADK. Suggestions?



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  • What version of KBEM are you using?
    Are you using ADK 10 1809? If so, did you also installe the winpe add-on (this is new as of 1809, where Microsoft released 2 installers instead of 1).
  • as far as I can tell, via https://support.quest.com/download-install-detail/6088246

    Yes, the 1809 version; no, I did not download anything extra. However, now that you point it out, I've gone back and gotten it, and installed it, and now the KBEM starts as expected.

    Thank you very much!
    • No worries, that 2nd installer is throwing people for a loop. I’ll look at trying to call out that specific error in future versions.

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