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So this one is somewhat difficult to describe, bear with me...

I am trying to build a KBE with the Manipulator using PE10 and the A03 driver pack. I attempt to include PowerShell, CommandConfigure, and a custom background. However, this KBE fails to boot on hardware (nothing happens---the ISO loads into memdisk and then jumps right back to the boot menu) and on a VM it reports it cannot connect to the K2000 share (Unable to mount k2000 share). 

If I remove the storage drivers from A03 and build the KBE with the manipulator, it seems to work. However, I can also build a KBE with the Media Manager and leave all of the drivers in A03 and this will also work, but I don't get PowerShell, CC, or the background. 

I'm building the KBE on Windows 10 (though I have also tried 10) and have the ADK version 10 installed along with CommandConfigure. Under normal circumstances I would not care, but we are now deploying E5570s which seem to require the newest KBE driver pack (even in PE10)... 
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  • Have to say I am not sure of the error however, I would suggest to only have the Driver Pack 10 installed in the samba share (either zip or remove all other drivers) and use the 10 ADK to build the KBE using the KBE Manipulator. If you have not downloaded the latest version perhaps make sure its the latest version by downloading from the support site.