*Sorry in advance for so much info (brain overload) at once.  Just wanted all info in 1 spot...

**I failed to mention that for this test below I only have 1 client in the device label.  This client only has Windows 7 64bit ent - fresh out of the box, and will not update with the schedule or by choosing "Run Now".

I can not find where or why Kace is no longer updating Windows on test clients.

Some updates below say Active, but did not download and the file size is 0?  Please check the screenshots and see what I may be missing.  Of course any help is appreciated!






Device Label:


Patch Label:


Smart Label:


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  • How is the label "(ADM) !Clients" applied to patches?
  • Thanks for your curiosity in helping Jason.
    "(ADM) !Clients" is a device Smart label I use for all clients, scripts and such to separate domain machines and servers.
    Criteria for label:
    Name - does not contain - server
    Name - contains - windows
    IP Address - begins with - x.x
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Found the answer to my snag!

Looks like JasonEgg was on the right path from a comment above.

*Also a Thanks goes out to a Dell Tech that mentioned the same thing within a very short amount of time!

How is the label "(ADM) !Clients" applied to patches?

Removing the last line for the Patch Smart Label was what I needed to do!
That line was to filter what clients this should go to, but not needed as the Schedule has a section just for the Devices/Smart labels for devices.

Thanks again to all that have chimed in to help.

Answered 08/23/2016 by: davreh99
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Have you checked your patch download logs?
Answered 08/15/2016 by: rockhead44
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  • I have, but could not find much info, and that is when I decided to post here. We are currently on version: Server Current Version: 6.4.120756
    Client version: 6.4.522 and I believe the posts I found were outdated. Would you be able to explain what logs and what info I should be searching for? Thanks rockhead44.
    • Your system logs. My URL is (substitute your k1000 domain where I have "KBOXNAME")

      • I believe the GUI way is "Setting" tab on the left and the "logs" on the left. Drop down arrow to Patch download log. Is there a way to export these? I did check through log but I am not sure what to look for. Didn't see any failures or errors that's why I would like to export it, so I can search the log.
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