I was wondering if anyone has heard of the new features and functionalities of the new version of KACE.  I know that it is a little early, but the next major release should be due for next month and I figured that I would ask.  

Any commentary would be appreciated.
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  • I have not heard anything about 6.5. I am only speculating, but it seems to me the release schedule may be disrupted since Dell Software was sold.
    • That could be true, but I sure hope that we would get some new features. I was told by someone (I think my Dell rep) that they are keeping the same people that work with KACE now.

      I hope that we can get some new features soon. It is always nice to have some enhancements.
  • I really believe that they should release features faster and focus on the Service Desk more.

    Do you think that the sale thing is going to change that?
    • I really don't know but I agree 100% that the Service Desk should be their main concern. There are so many features that could be added to make it a more powerful tool. An easier UI, the ability for putting pictures in the Knowledge Base instead of just attachments. That's just to name a few.
      • There is a way to do that with Markdown... https://i.imgur.com/Tm8HSz3.png

        Here is the Markdown code:

        1. Login at SmarTeam as usual
        2. Go to Tools and then Select Admin Console
        * ![Step 1](http://omk1.xxxxxx.local/packages/kb_attachments/112/smarteam_1.png)

        In the link section the 112 number comes from the Knowledge Base Article ID.
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