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We want to upgrade our KACE appliance to version 5.5. Mainly because we want SSO to work. From the release notes I am understanding that the Appliance needs to be in the same domain as the domain you want to activate Single Sign On. 

Due to various reasons our KACE is in domain "d1.com" and the users sign in from "d2.com" via LDAP.
The release notes state that kace needs to create a domain account in the "d2.com" that users can peform SSO in KACE.

Will it also work if we leave the KACE in "d1.com"?  This would be really important to us. 




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  • I believe for now it can only talk to one domain so you wouldn't be able to use SSO for both.
  • I just want SSO on the domain "d2.com" but leave the KACE in the "d1.com". There's no need to activate SSO on the "d1.com".
  • What need is being met by leaving it in d1? Maybe it would be easier to meet that need through other means and move it to d2, since it can't juggle two domains like that?
  • we do LDAP authentication across three different domains while we are consolidating. Perhaps that would work for you
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