I need to show that the k1000 is adding value to our services. Is there a way to run a report that shows how many different software packages we have deployed using Kace. Is there a way to show how many people login into the appliance as an administrator? Is there a way to show how many scripts we have run over a year?

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k4rl@TES is right you maybe approaching this the wrong way. If someone is looking for justificaiton for the solution or ROI, you may want to answer them with responses like the ones below.

1. Using the KBOX scripting engine, we were able to get (applicaiton name) out to x number of system in a matter of x hours

2. using the KBOX MI we were able to install a new version of (application) in 2 hours (if that is your inventory interval)

3. Our systems are X% compliant in regards to critical patches having used the KBOX Security module

4. Our techs close an average of x number of times a month using the Helpdesk in the KBOX


It's always good to mention $$$ to management when showing how the KBOX saves you time by not having to visit each machine. It took me one hour to write a script at x dollars where normally it would have taken me 8 hours if i had to visit each machine costing x dollars. 

Answered 03/27/2013 by: nshah
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In all honesty perhaps you should look at it from a different perspective? I would be asking the question: Do we use it on a daily basis? Does it do the job we want it to? and finally if you actually do end up removing it from your infrastructure are you going to be doubling your workload by having to manually go around each employees computer / or remotely. Lastly how will you control your asset management?


I suppose if you did scrap the K1000 you would also loose the helpdesk and desktop alerting. Both I’m sure will cost a pretty penny to replace with alternatives.


As for the reports / KPI's I’m sure that the K1000 has built in xml/html reports that can be pulled off. I also believe that these might be customisable. Il look into it and check back tomorrow if I find out how.




Answered 03/27/2013 by: k4rl@TES
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I understand wanting to get the metrics your management is going to immediately appreciate, but I have to admit this is where good documentation needs to take over.

Answered 04/08/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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