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So when trying to create a shortcut using the shortcut wizard in Kace, I get the error that tells me to enter a valid target. The target for the shortcut is a url to a site called Aztec Learning Systems. The url is: https://nextgen.aztecsoftware.com/users/sign_in. I have no other  parameters, the working directory is C:\Users\Public\Desktop and the location is set to Desktop. I need the shortcut to be available to everyone that logs in on the machine. How to I resolve the "Enter Valid Target" error?

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Answered 06/05/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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open  that link in a browser on your tech and bookmark it.

Drag the bookmark to your desktop to create shortcut to your desktop and zip that

via send to:

Create a script or MI and upload the zip file.

use the command:

xcopy $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\*.url  %public%\desktop /q

Answered 06/04/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Forgive me for asking what is probably stupid questions, but I am very new to Kace. So I have created the script the best way I could figure in the scripting area, following your directions, which I am probably setting the script up incorrectly. But Kace shows that the script ran successfully, but I am not seeing the shortcut on the desktop when I login to the machine. I have never messed around with Kscript. Do you know of any documentation out there that will assist me in becoming better at this? Here's how I have my script set up:

    Dependencies: The zip file I created for my shortcut using my workstation (Aztec Learning System.zip)

    Verify: Launch a program

    Directory: $ (KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)
    File: Aztec Learning System
    Parameters: xcopy *.url %public%\desktop /q

    Thank you for your time, and again, I apologize if this is a stupid question.
    • see other answer. Anything that is a DOS command like xcopy, move del you need to run a command window to process the command. The /c tells it to run the command after and terminate
    • Try to talk your company into letting you go to UserKon that is advertised on every IT Ninja page. This year they have a bootcamp on Monday so your will get 3 1/2 days of learning
      • Thank you for the replies. I will definitely let them know about bootcamp. I would be super exited to get to go. So anytime I am having Kscript run a command. it needs to be told to run in the command window. Got it!
      • anything you could do in a command window you do that way. When you get to msi and exe installs then you do it like you did
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