My organization just started using the Service Desk portion of the K1000 and we have two queues set up.  One for IT/Technology and another one set up for our Maintenance Department.   The main issue I am having is I want to make it so that users that are a part of the Maintenance Service Desk and assigned to the label I created called "Maintenance Help Desk" can ONLY see their own tickets and no one else's.  I would also like to keep the help desk staff assigned to the Maintenance Help Desk label in their own queue because as of right now it seems they can go up to the top and change their view and see the IT Help desk tickets and see all the tickets no matter who they belong to.  There is a view called "My Tickets" in v.6.0 and would like to enforce that for members of the Help Desk Role or Maintenance Help Desk Label.

Is there a way to assign things by role or label that way.   On the Service Desk side of things I have two roles set up with one only being able to do the help desk side of things and another one I call help desk admin which allows that people assigned to it to also access reporting.    Then there is the top level admin.  

Not sure if this can be achieved but the Maintenance Supervisor is determined to make it so that his staff can only see their help desk tickets and the supervisors can see all and assign all.  
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So I think there are a couple of things that you may or may not be doing already. 

Set up a Role that restricts what a given set of people can do.  (e.g., IT Help Desk - Turn off their access to Settings, etc.)
Note that it is not necessary to have access to the Administrator Console in order to manage tickets. The Maintenance folks can use the User Console and if they are Ticket Owners for a queue, they will be able to manage tickets in that queue

For a given queue, anyone in the 'ticket owner' label will be able to manipulate any of the tickets in that queue. 

If you have the box for "Allow users with an Administrator role to read and edit tickets in the End User Console", then anyone with a Role that lows editing of the Tickets will also have access. You likely want that turned off. 

See also: http://www.kace.com/support/training/kke/archive?language=en&category=service%20desk

Answered 06/24/2014 by: MacDude
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  • That is about how I have it set up now. Users under the maintenance label cannot see tickets in the IT help desk queue. The problem the supervisors have is they can see other people's tickets and tickets that are unassigned. I do not think there is a way to enforce the "My Tickets" view onto the users so they can only see their own and not the tickets of others or tickets that have not been assigned. The supervisors want to be able to assign and see all tickets though.

    I asked what the issue is about the maintenance staff seeing all the tickets and they told me it was basically because of animosity between the maintenance staff. So basically I am trying to reverse engineer a system due to personnel issues. If it cannot be done then I will tell them that as it was not done this way in the old help desk system to my knowledge.
    • Well you could make Custom Views for each user and then bookmark that custom view by using the /adminui based URL. But it would not prevent the maintenance folks from seeing the other tickets if they change their view. :\
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