Anyone else come across this? Security ran a scan and the K1000 and K2000 both have this vulnerabilty.

ISSUE: "Missing HttpOnly Atribute in Session Cookie"

There was some question here at my orginization about whether the 5.5 upgrade addressed it, but I didn't see any reference in the release notes or elsewhere so I don't think it was addressed.

The "Fix recommendation" is to "Add the 'HttpOnly' attribute to all session cookies. This sounds like something Kace support would have to do, but if it's a big deal and isn't already done, then I would expect it's not done for a reason.

Any info at all on this odd ball would be great.



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  • What are you using for a Security scan?
  • Hi Mary, Thanks for replying.

    Scan tool==> IBM AppScan - We're a tiered setup and a different group runs the scan. We have plenty of other internal and external sites, but as far as I know, only our K1000 and K2000 came up with it.
  • I have asked a few engineers and they have not seen this. Can you open a ticket with KACE technical support and provide the scan information. Ask for the ticket to be assigned to Mary.
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