Kace Patching: I receive the Handshake Error when trying to patch a group of servers along with error 94 on the windependencies.ospx file. Other necessary files required for patching downloaded OK. We’re seeing an “error (Handshake Failed)” in the device information. I have a detect/deploy job fail. The Detect part ran successfully the Deploy failed. This happened on over 30 servers in this job. 

In the Kagent.log for that time frame there were several sets of messages like so:


[2017-10-15.00:02:43][KPlugins(3864):KWeb::DownloadUsi] DOWNLOADFILE: CURL DEBUG INFO --->>> END <<<---

[2017-10-15.00:02:43][KPlugins(3864):KWeb::DownloadUsi] DownloadFile: Downloaded C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE\windependencies.ospx from http://SERVERNAME/patches/windependencies.ospx Download speed: 35060291.000000 bytes/second

[2017-10-15.00:02:43][KPlugins(3864):ParsePatchFile::D] pluginPatching: DownloadResource: file C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE\windependencies.ospx checksum did not match the server provided checksum, failing download

[2017-10-15.00:02:43][KPlugins(3864):ParsePatchFile::D] pluginPatching: DownloadPatchEssentials: failed to process '"windependencies.ospx""1""63486e28f37fbec4bdfa1ba0160884a0""10938539""http://SERVERNAME/patches/windependencies.ospx"""' error 94

[2017-10-15.00:02:43][KPlugins(3864):KPluginPatching::] pluginPatching: Failed to download and process patch essentials. 
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  • It sounds like an issue with the patches stored on the K1.

    I like to see handshakes as the agent saying:
    "I could not retrieve the patches, because they were not there or there is something preventing me to do so: Handshake error"

    It looks like the the OSPX file the agent is looking for, is not inside your K1000. (That is why the checksum says is failing, the file is not there).

    First see if your patches on your K1 are being updates and downloaded fine. (signatures as well, see if you are still subscribed to get patches for that WinServer version). Confirm those servers are able to chec-in fine against the K1.
    • I checked the updates and for that Windows version those updates are being downloaded. I confirmed those group of servers are able to communicate with the K1 so i'm hoping it was a network issue and going to wait for the next patch schedule and monitor traffic and activity.
  • What version of the appliance and agent are you running? The 7.2 agent fixed an issue where these .ospx files could become corrupted, so if you're on a version of server/agent prior to 7.2, upgrading may fix your issue.
    • I am running version 7.2. I am thinking I will let the next patch schedule run and monitor other network activity for interruptions. Thanks for the info!
  • Hi Bowenz ,

    how do you monitor traffic and activity.
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