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Hi all,

We are currently running KACE 1000 v9.0.270.

In our Inventory -> Devices -> MIA Settings I have it set to Automatically Remove MIA Devices after 30 days but it doesn't seem to actually be removing any devices. I have some devices that haven't checked in for 3 months.

Any idea why KACE wouldn't be purging these devices?

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  • My Kace has the same problem. I even receive a email from kace that contain all the MIA Computers Deleted, but i can find all this computers on "Devices".

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You have set it to archive.
Which means, the assets are kept, only the inventory items are deleted.
(if this does not work like that, ie: you have items in your  Inventory| Devices which did not check in longer than 30 days, 
open a ticket with support)
Answered 08/23/2018 by: Nico_K
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Are those devices still showing up as connected but not inventorying ?
Answered 08/27/2018 by: AbhayR
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