We are currently importing assets to our k1000 appliance. the issue is our structure in the company with 2 offices working on the same appliance with different licenses. Kace automatically finds our software and adds it to the software catalog. But we need it the separate the offices to make it possible to keep the software and licens count manageble. without creating thousands of labels.

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  • Have you considered running your k1000 with multiple orgs?
  • thanks for the answer. if i knew how to do it i would. i have not configured the appliance myself, is there a guide for setting that up?
    • There isn't a setting. You have to contact support and request a updated license that enables ORGS. You won't be able to add two KBOX licenses if that is what you are trying to do. That would require another KBOX.

      The ORGS as jbr32 indicated logically separates the KBOX into two sections or more and keeps the data from each ORG away from the other.

      A lot of companies use ORGS if they have lines of business that want to keep their systems separate from others...etc.

      Keep in mind, if you use ORGS everything is separate. Each ORG will have its on Helpdesk, Scripting, Assets, Distribution...etc. Patches are the only thing shared between ORG to prevent HD space issues.
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