Step1: Windows AIK & ADK are downloaded and installed in a dummy computer then later AIK & ADK are uploaded using K2000 Media Manager Upload Windows Media

Step2: Created Scripted Install

Step3: Created Automated Boot Actions

Selected System is VM Machine Where k2000 is running its a VK2000 (Virtual Appliance)

Step4: Progress still waiting 

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  • If Errors, where do i check
  • Can you try deploying to a real machine rather than a virtual machine?
  • Tried with real machine also no use,
  • If i want to create few fresh windows7 desktops or virtual machines what steps i need to follow
  • Read the Microsoft documentation. That will tell you how to do it.
  • Have you set your dhcp options to point at the k2000?
  • No, how do i set dhcp options
  • My Virtual Appliance k2000 3.6.98680 running in static ip
  • Nothing is moving for scripted installations please help me out to resolve
  • Start by debugging the scripted install : remove all the boot actions. boot the machine manually into KBE and run the scripted install from there.

    then see what happens as it runs. the details on the k2000 will only show if a task is complete or not, it will not show you what is going on with each task for that you need to watch the deployment from the deploy machine

    also make sure error handling for your scripted install is "prompt on error"
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