I have a problem with kace web interface, when i launch a advanced search or when i enable patch, web interface is very slow and block.
If i reload the page, web interface of k1000 is not available.

I have some errors, in my server error logs :

Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.


[Wed Feb 04 16:23:29 2015] [error] [client *.*.*.*] PHP Warning: Division by zero in /kbox/kboxwww/include/datagetters/get_tasksinprogress.php on line 70, referer: http://*k1000 adress*/adminui/summary.php


[Wed Feb 04 13:42:46 2015] [error] [client *.*.*.*] PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'disabled' in /kbox/kboxwww/include/KCron.class.php on line 704, referer: http://*k1000 adress*/adminui/patch_schedule.php?ID=10


[Wed Feb 04 16:29:57 2015] [error] [client *.*.*.*] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /kbox/kboxwww/include/KReportUtils.class.php on line 2105, referer: http://*k1000 adress*/adminui/msp_inventory.php?YEAR=2015

Could you help me please ?

I use K1000 version 6.2.109330 (virtual apliance)
hardware : 4vCPU / 8Go RAM
Inventoring : (715 computers)

Tanks for your help and sorry for my english is not my first language

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  • most of the error messages are not linked to this issue. I suggest to contact support for analysis, what really happened if you can exclude the browser.
    If you use the internet explorer, please change the browser to chrome (best choice) for a test, since some web interface performance issues are caused by browsers.
  • hello, thanks for you reply, i use firefox or internet explorer. Before all works with firefox but now is very slow.
  • Internet Explorer is very slow compared to Chrome. Suggest you try Chrome, and then if you still have an issue, take Nico_K's advice and contact support.
  • i have same issue with google chrome, i have contact support
  • Hello, i have check with support today, when i activate or desactivate a patch. Mysql use more 100% CPU. An ingeneer contact me next week for check the database, for the moment they are no solution for me :(
  • Hello, i do not have a solution from ingeneer... but i think total size of patches is so big (44Go). what size of patches have you ?
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