My company is transitioning to lock down users accounts and enable user account control.  I've setup a test machine for this.  We're on a domain and the users have mapped network drives.  We store installable programs on specific network drives.  The users will not have local administrator rights so if they were to browse to the executable and run it, it would prompt for administrator rights (UAC).  Now if I enter credentials for a user with domain administrator rights who is also in the local administrator group it will accept it but the file will not run as the elevated user because that user has no mapped drives for that profile and the system cannot find the network drive.  If I create a profile for the domain administrator and map the drives then I can continue with no issue.  

Here's my problem.  No matter how I try to run the installer through a script on Kace pointing to the network drive or UNC path through the file never runs.  In the past with UAC off it works, with UAC on it doesn't.  I've tried to change the Run As: with no success.

Here's what the script looks like now.  The application it on the K: drive in a folder named wfx32.


Users will need to be able to do themselves through the software library as our IT department can't service every single person in the company every single time they need to run install a program or do a update to a program.  I should also mention I some of these programs must be run from the network drive.  Any ideas on how to get this going?  Thanks in advance.


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  • Is there a reason why you can't use the UNC path to the installer, instead of a mapped drive in your scripts?
  • I've tried it with the UNC path and it still has the same problem.
  • Have you tried copying the installer to the local PC, and then executing it from there? I have several VBS scripts which I use this way. I put the script, or installer in your case, in a zip file, have the first step look to see if a folder exists - c:\kbox, if not creating it. Second step unzip the installer to the c:\kbox folder, and then have it run from there. Once successful, delete the installer, or kbox folder. All of this runs under a Domain Admin context.

    If you need any more info on this just let me know.
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You also may just be having a permissions issue due to the way you are trying to run the executable directly. Try running the msiexec.exe with your program as the parameter like this screenshot below shows, and see if you have better luck with it.

Answered 03/04/2014 by: KHaught
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