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We have an issue in our organization in which SQL tables become damaged when there is a sudden powerdown of the K1000 due to a VM failure.

We then have to restore from a backup taken the previous night at 2am.

We would like to take frequent backups of our SQL tables in order to have a recent or near-recent copy of the SQL tables available at our disposal at all times to recover from these types of events more quickly.

I have been told that a standard MySQL backup process, in which the SQL tables are created, set to read-only, and then flashed, is not feasible as root password and SQL access keys are required.

But I have to believe that this is possible - the K1000 has to have some mechanism or process in place that allows for minimizing downtime.  It is, after all, a production technology.

How do others deal with this problem?  What is a decent solution?  Is there a third-party backup tool that can help?

Many thanks!
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Hi.... maybe check your enterprise UPS, a VM shutdowns should no be as frequent as that. (two or three at max during a year is the ideal).

It appears the KACE SMA does not have a way to backup just the DB:

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  • I agree, you need to figure out why your VM server is crashing. Fixing the root problem is better than finding another work around.