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I am the new project lead for managing my company's KACE K1000 platform and I have an issue that I am unable to get any kind of positive assistance with from KACE tech support and I am hoping that someone reading this post will know what I need to try or do to resolve this issue.

In short, the K1000 has detected around 75% of the devices on our network but has missed out the rest for some unknown reason. It has also left me with variations against the licenses information in the Licensing Compliance section.

Can someone please shed some light on this issue for me asap as we have an audit due soon. 

Many thanks, 


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  • By what method are you detecting devices?
  • Also when you say detecting, Are you talking about Agents not communicating? or Are you using a discovery schedule?
  • Check for the devices and make sure all devices are talking to Kace.

    For device detection,

    Cretae a smart label for devices.

    Before you create, check your inventory for all devices and its chassis type.

    Based on the chassis type (chassis type = Desktops, Servers and Laptops), narrow down your smart label and save.

    Then create & Run the job Patch Detection on the smart label . By this time all your devices should be detected.
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