I'm testing KACE (latest agent & appliance) patching. I have one virtual Windows XP SP3 machine with old Mozilla Firefox 3 installed. I'm trying to patch only Firefox in my test.

I have subscribed to download patches to Windows XP SP3 and created a smart label ("PS - Mozilla Firefox") to download only patches from selected label. This smart label contains:

select UID from KBSYS.PATCHLINK_PATCH where (  KBSYS.PATCHLINK_PATCH.TITLE like '%firefox%')

I have selected -Security Patches, -Application Patches, -Non Security Patches, -Application Patches.


Then I have created a detect only patch schedule with "Limit Detect To Selected Patch Labels:" and selecte this "PS - Mozilla Firefox" Smart Label. 

When I run this agains my test machine that has this Firefox 3 installed KACE shows that the machine patch detection is complete but doesn't list any missing patches.


If this would work would Kace automatically install the latest Firefox version to date or will it apply patches only to this version 3?

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  • It depends on if you are also downloading software installers. If you aren't then you are going getting the updates. We use the software distribution to get out full versions and use the patching to do the security updates until the next major version is out.
  • I have not checked this from the subscription settings: Include Software Installers. I have understand that with this option selected It could install these 3rd part software even to those machines that doesn't have them installed at all.
  • Yeah...you have to be very careful when using that check box. That is one of the reasons we don't and just use software distribution to push out full versions.
  • OK so you are just using software distribution to push out new versions. Maybe I should do the same.
    • You can do it in distribution but personally I like using scripting to push out software since you can do it on a schedule and control more via a batch or VBscript, whichever you prefer.
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You need to include the full installers in the patch subscription. You can't go from Firefox 3 to firefox 17 there's no patch route for that, you need the full installers to make that go from 3 to 17.

Answered 06/03/2013 by: ms01ak
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  • How I can be sure that these installs happens only to those machines that have Firefox installed? Will it directly install the latest available version?
  • You may have to use a Label to find all the machines with FF 3 on them and just target those machines.
  • Why is a client machine downloading lot's of .pls files to updates -folder when running patch job? There are pls-files for programs that have nothing to do with client like sql server service pack.
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