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Good afternoon people, I just purchased the Dell K1000 but I do not know much. I would like to know how to install the agents on Windows and Linux computers. I saw something related to enabling WinRM ... is that right or is there an easier and automatic way? Can you give me hint please? Thank you.

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  • Truth is, you should have had training included in your purchase, I would go back to your Quest rep if you have just purchased....

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To install the agent on windows machines you should use a GPO since this is easier since Microsoft changes different security settings regulary which may interrupt the provisioning.
Review this article: https://support.quest.com/kb/217592/
If you need training for the KACE SMA (nearly all Dell branded versions are End Of Life already) you should go to the training page here:

If you need more, contact your sales rep for purchasing a Quick Start Training.

And of course the community will help you too.

Answered 11/07/2018 by: Nico_K
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Good afternoon,In my case, my environment does not have AD.Do you have any procedure?
Answered 11/07/2018 by: raphael.costa@matera.com
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  • Yes, you can provision the agents directly through K1 as well. Read more about Provisioning Agent in the Admin guide for details
    • I did not find the documentation, can you help me, friend?

      I'm an initial user and I do not know the tool