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So I have noticed that when our mobile devices updated to the latest Kace Go App, that we are having some problems with the service desk. We are unable to change the assigned technician to a ticket as well as some other various permissions issues in the App. Everything works just fine on the browser, but the latest version of the app seems to have a few things to work through. I put in a ticket with support and they stated this was a new bug that was discovered in the latest version of the app that applied to versions 8.1 ( which we currently are on) and 9.0 . Just seeing if anyone else has heard any updates on this. My technicians love the app and live by being able to use it to update tickets while out on locations.
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  • We currently have a ticket in with Quest on this very issue. No one here can access tickets with KACE GO since the update. It is a high priority issue for us as a few of our people's main access is on the app. I had a call with one of their techs yesterday and he collected all the information for the developers. As of that conversation, this is not listed as a bug but is being investigated.
    The problems started while we were 8.1 so we updated hoping that would help but it actually made it worse. I am glad that others are reporting this as well so that it can be looked at and hopefully fixed as soon as possible.
  • So got a email about this today. Here is the link to the KB about it so they know about it. Was told they are working on it but no ETA on when it would be fixed
  • Yesterday, KACE GO on Androids updated and started working for our techs. Still nothing so far on Apple devices.
  • We have noticed the same thing as well. Android is fine, IOS devices still not able to update tickets.

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