actually i'am fighting with the Rollout of KACE Patches.

Many Clients are just hanging in the phase "downloading"

We are using the version 5.4.70402 of KACE VM Appliance and the 5.4.5315 Client.

Any ideas what i can do ?!

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Hi FSchmelzle,

we ran into this issue with the 5.4.

There is a patch, so I ask you to contact the support to get the patch.

Kind regards


Answered 02/20/2013 by: Nico_K
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I was just having the same issue on my k1000.  I enabled a new patch and it was stuck at downloading for over an hour.  I went into the patch schedule settings on my k1000 and started a manual download of the patches.  (Settings > Patch Settings > Edit Mode > Update Patching button) After that finished, the patch phase on my computer changed from downloading to deploying.  Not sure if this in the same issue you are having, but I think if I waited overnight the patch would have downloaded on it's normal schedule.

This is a new change in 5.4 - I don't know the details, but not all patches are cached on the k1000.

Answered 03/12/2013 by: baist111
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I'm having exactly the same issue. We are using agent version 5.4.10622 and K1000 appliance is 5.4.76847.



Answered 05/29/2013 by: JFX
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While you could well be running into an issue that needs the patch and you should have all post 5.4 install patches applied there are other issues to consider as well. 

Is there other activity occuring that may be causing an overload of resources on your kbox?

If you run detect and deploy and have scripting interval at 15 minutes as well as checkins in a large org wall while pushing 20GB synch to an rsa you may think about splitting it up a bit.

Detect on one day and deploy the next. Set you sripting interval to 12 hours unless here is an absolute need for it to be lower. 

But do get the patches applied or install SP1 which is slated for release within a few days.

Answered 02/20/2013 by: jdornan
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I've updated the Kace virtual appliance now to SP1 5.4.76847 and the agents to 5.4.10622.
Update worked fine and the agents were updated automatically.

But, the patches are still hanging in the phase "downloading"

Disabled the local Windows Firewall and removed the virus scanning tool on my test PC.

For testing purposes i disabled all patching processes.

Only the patching on my test computer was running this time, so there can't be a high load on the VK1000.

Any further ideas?


Answered 02/27/2013 by: FSchmelzle
Yellow Belt

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