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In the instruction manual for the KACE appliance, the section on "Asset Management" details an asset category called "device".  Upon looking at my assets, I see no "device".  It appears that Asset Management has a large emphasis on the "device" category, as it has more options.  However, the appliance has been around where we use it long before I've worked with it, and it appears as if "device" has been renamed as "computer".  It appears to me that this is the case, as I have been having a lot of trouble creating reports, as well as not being able to Archive anything that isn't under "Computer".

Is there any way to do a quick move of all other assets to be under "device" in subcategories?  Or, perhaps there is a way that I can move past these strange hangups and restrictions as mentioned above without having to move each one of my assets.  Regardless, what can I do in this scenario?  

In addition, I am also interested in getting Agentless Management set up, but cant seem to get it working.  Could you detail the steps it takes to get this running?

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I would suggest you look to Quest to get some training either resources to download or formal face to face as the answers you are seeking would take up way too much space here.

Answered 03/20/2019 by: Hobbsy
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Unfortunately, you can't move an asset from one type to another. I would recommend exporting the assets from the other types and importing them into the Computer type.

Answered 03/20/2019 by: chucksteel
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