We do inventory by handscanner a few times a year to update locations of items.  Every doorway has a barcode on it that is a unique number.  We scan the barcode for the room, then scan all asset tags in the room.  I have made a location asset type, that has the room number and it's associated barcode.  I would like to be able to import this spreadsheet into my computer assets to update the location.  I can match the computer's asset tag that I scanned with the computer in Kace.  I don't know how to import the location as a barcode, and equate that to the room number.  Any ideas?


File to import looks like this:

Room Barcode          Asset Tag

1234                       700000

1234                       701001

1256                       701334


Match Asset tag when importing into Computer Asset.  But rather than putting 1234 as the location in Computer Asset, I want it to look in the Location Asset, find that 1234 = Room ABC and put ABC as the location.

Can this be done from within Kace, or am I going to need to merge the data in some way before doing my import??


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