Does anyone have any insight on installing MS Teams using KACE? It appears that it only installs for the current user, and not on the PC. And I can use the executables manually, but through KACE they don't install, they only make the program show up for the current user. Any information would be appreciated.
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  • Do you have any documentation in regards Teams Silent or unattended installs?

    There must be a way to specify if it's going to be installed for the current users or All users.

    Also Have you tried executing it as System or Logged-in user and see if it makes any difference?
  • has temas it is user based: I have used: Teams_windows_x64.exe /s /quiet /currentuser
    here the user just needs to put his email address and password, after the installation.
  • my question is how to publish software ion kace?
  • my question is how to publish software ion kace?
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