On april 12 the Badlock bug will be diclose. Will Dell publish patchs for K1 and K2 at this date ?
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  • Thanks for the link. We're currently looking into this issue and seeing if it affects Kace. We won't know until all the information is released regarding the vulnerability.

    If you're currently worried about the issue though, feel free to disable the samba share. The samba share is only used for provisioning.
    • Not in the K2, we can't deploy machines with samba disable...
    • Kace would be affect : "Please be aware that Samba 4.1 and below are out of support, even for security fixes. We strongly advise users to upgrade to a supported release, so that you will not have to make a major version update at the time you need to get the security fix installed." and Kace samba version is 3.6.25.
      • as Irwin said: Currently no info is disclosed. As soon we know more we can decide how to work with that. Please be aware that the K2000 should not be open to the internet but only to the local network to deploy machines.
      • The following will more than likely occur if it affects Kace.

        While there will be no official security releases for Samba 4.1 and below published by the Samba Team or SerNet (for EnterpriseSAMBA) some vendors probably will backport the patches.
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