I want to provide my user's a way to download the KACE agent via HTTP link.  I want to send out an email link to couple of remote folks so they can just download the agent and install it on their machines.  I know there's a way to do this but I just don't know how.


FYI: We dont have a AD/Domain in place.  So GPO is out of the question.

Please help.


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I don't believe that the agent is available via HTTP on the KBOX itself. You can, however, get the installers from the shared folder. Open \\k1000 and browse to client\agent_provisioning\windows_platform for the Windows installer. You can place the MSI file on a web server. 

You might want to check the instructions at http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/installing-the-kace-k1000-agent-through-windows-group-policy for how to rename the MSI file so that it includes the hostname for your KBOX, otherwise users might not enter it correctly and their machines won't connect properly.

Answered 03/13/2013 by: chucksteel
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  • We did something similiar and used iexpress (built into windows) to package the installer and created an exe. That way there's no chance of them fat fingering the server name. Just add your msi to the package and your install command as usual. You could then use a cloud storage and share a link.
    • Haven't heard of iexpress, will have to check that out.
      • We used it because we actually had tinkerers modifying the name of the msi. Which caused more problems.

  • how about placing it into the software library? Also be shure that a working amp.conf-file is avaiable on the client side?
    Alternatively roll it out via the KBox via Agent Provisioning
    GPO is always the worst way to install the agent (but will work) as you may run into issues, if the agents need to get updated
  • I just decided to place the agent on our webserver. And then also used the link that chucksteel provided; renaming the agent file to include the hostname. Thanks to all!
    • This is exactly what we do, works perfectly.
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There's one small issue that comes up with renaming a 5.4 agent filename like this when you use it in Software Library or an external location. For GPO deployment, renaming works fine.

For Software Library, if your user downloads it more than once, the second file will have a "1" added to the file name.  If that one is run, it will never check in as it's not looking for the right host.

A way to avoid this would be to modify the 5.4 agent .msi file using Orca similar to how you used to modify the 5.1 agent for GPO (the changes are different, see below): http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/installing-the-kace-k1000-agent-through-windows-group-policy

For 5.4, you would add a property of HOST with a value of your K1 hostname to the Property table (my test K1 is mackbox):

Answered 03/14/2013 by: jknox
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  • This works for the latest agent? I haven't deployed it yet, but we're testing it.
    • I haven't tried it on 5.4.5315, but it does work for 5.4.10622. I don't see any reason it wouldn't work on 5.4.5315, just haven't tested it.
      • I'll test it as well.
      • I just realized.... 5.4.5315 isn't available yet.
  • It's not available as a separate download on the archive page yet, but should be soon.
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