I noticed today that on one my virtual 2003 servers the kagent service , KBOXSMMPService.exe, was rockin 71mb of memory in the task list. My personal windows 7 computer is only using a 10th of that as is most other computers on my network. Whats with this 70mb thing? This server is hardly doing anything.

Perhaps what my real question is, is this a random, isolated occurance or should I expect to see this kinda of thing happen all the time?

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I would look into upgrading your box - as the newest Agent 5.3.53177 the process is AMPagent.exe and runs under the Dell Kace Agent/AMP Agent service name . So you def have an older version. I've noticed an extremely high increase in performance and reliability with the latest agent. Machines will inventory as fast as 15-20 seconds most of the time. Sweet!


Answered 04/20/2012 by: jegolf
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What version of the agent are you running? Is the 2003 server a replication share? Is the memory usage high all the time? If it is only at certain points in time is the kbox running any jobs on the server for example scripts, managed installs, Kbox inventory, Software metering, etc. Is the memory usage still high after a reboot of the server?

Answered 04/20/2012 by: darkhawktman
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  • I'm running the 5.1.38724 agent and the 5.2.38773 server. Obviously the usage is high all the time. Rebooting the server is not an option at this time to check.
  • Hello Tentacle Master,

    I definitely recommend upgrade to the current version 5.3.5053 and the latest agent. Jegolf is right in improved performance. At 5.2.38773 you definitely do not want to run 5.3.53177 agent on your clients as it is not designed for 5.2.38773. That version works best with 5.3.5053. Why don't you call us or open a ticket? You can ask for me Mary as I am the only KACE technician by that name so I can evaluate your issue. I would be pleased to assist and guide you. Your jump will be easy as your clients are at the minimum to upgrade to 5.3. I look forward to hearing from you.
    • Upgrading is in my future plans. That is why the server and agents are at , as you said, the minimum to upgrade to 5.3. I was hoping for more than a stock answer of "you should upgrade." But I suppose it is not unexpected. I may not even be allowed to keep KACE so I might not even worry about upgrading.
  • BTW My hours are Monday-Friday 11AM CST to 8 Pm CST
  • I was wondering if you ever upgraded? If not can you tell ne what the last entry is in your server update log?
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