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I've noticed over the last few weeks that a good number of devices in our company are not updating the agent or doing an inventory check-in.  I've also noticed that the only ones to exhibit this behavior are the ones that have received the agent through our GPO deployment.  I have some that have been provisioned through the K1000 and a good number that have had the K2000 install through command line parameters, both methods are working well and it is only the GPO installed ones that will not update.  The agent we've been installing through the GPO and through the K2000 is version 5.5.30275.  I followed this guide: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/how-to-update-gpo-kace-agent to create the GPO ready installation, whereas the K2000 installs with the following parameters: start /wait msiexec /qn /i "ampagent-5.5.30275-x86.msi" HOST=<K1000 FQDN>

I cannot have the GPO installs check-in through the server, but I can locally do a runkbot 4 0 and have them update their inventory.  I have tried using "amptools resetconf host=<K1000>" to reset the host locally, but then when I run "amptools get host" it gives no result.  I have taken a working amp.conf file and replaced the GPO install one and still no results.  The machines will show as online (no red slash through them) but they all show an "uptime since last reboot" of <10 minutes, even though I've had them powered on for hours next to me.

Currently all of these are PC's running Windows 7 with no common factor other than they all had the agent installed via GPO.  I've looked through the site for a good portion of the day trying different suggestions.  I'm almost certain it has something to do with the way I have the GPO's MSI setup since I've also used it as a standalone installer with the same results.  Is there something different I should do to prepare it for GPO deployment?  Is there some setting I can run either locally or server side to alleviate this?

I'm not sure which local log files would be pertinent but if anyone could point me in that direction as well I would be most grateful.  Thank you all for reading this, and have a great weekend all.

~Elliott Ray~
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As I don't use Kace, I can only give you some generic input based on the limitations of any system based installer.  Installing via GPO installs in the context of the system account and therefore has no access to a specific user account.  What might be worth doing, depending on your MSI experience, is to open the installation MSI in your preferred editor, and determine what resources are being installed to the user profile. You may then need to arrange for these resources to be deployed when a user is logged in, eg by Active Setup.
A capture of an install performed via GPO compared to a capture performed manually may also help highlight differences.
Finally, is the ALLUSERS property set to 1 in the MSI property table?  If not, try setting this to 1 for GPO deployment and see if it makes any difference.
Answered 07/14/2014 by: EdT
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