I seem to have an issue with the provisioning of the Kace agent. It stays in running state and never becomes Succeeded, I noticed this 2 days ago, don't know how long it is like this but in the past this wasn't an issue.

Rest of my Kace environment seems to be running fine.

Anyone an idea on where to look, what could cause this issue?


Thanks in advance

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  • What version of Kace are you on? This happened to me a lot on 5.4 SP1 but since upgrading to 5.5 and installing all their patches with it, this doesn't happen to me. If i'm not mistaken you can get an update from support that fixes this issue with 5.4 SP1.

    Another thing to try is to go to Settings tab>Support Tab>Troubleshooting Tools>K1000 Agent Messaging Tasks and then delete the machines stuck in running. If this does not work try rebooting the kbox and it should clear it up.
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