We recently added the patch to our appliance and thought it would fix the issue of appending a KB article to a work request.  The only thing I see happen is the name of the article appears automatically in the Comments Box and then is recorded in the Log below.  There is not active link inside the work request for the user, just the name of the article written in the action log below.


Is something else supposed to happen?



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  • What you saw is what is supposed to happen. When you select a KB article from the drop down it simply adds the contact of that article in the comment box.

    If you have comments going out then that comment is sent to the end user.

    There is a known bug that won't add the content of the article but you have to get that from support.
  • Oh okay - the content of the article did get placed into the comment box - we applied the fix. However, we have a PDF document attached to the article so that was not attached in any way to the comment, which now makes sense to me. Thanks much!
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