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How do I install the kbox 1000 agent on Redhat when I don't have a gui? Is there a commandline to indicate the kace server?





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First command: export KACE_SERVER=yourkaceservername Second command: rpm -hiv ampagent-5.3.53177-1.i386.rpm
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I know it isn't the answer you are looking for, but I honestly find it easiest to push our Linux servers from the K1K in Settings -> K1000 agent rather than running it from the server itself.  You should be able to get the Linux agent from \\yourkacednsname\client\agent_provisioning\rpm_platform.  I would try

export KACE_SERVER=yourkaceservername
rpm -hiv ampagent-5.3.53177-1.i386.rpm
Answered 06/08/2012 by: philologist
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  • You may need to run it as root.
  • I was able to test this on a couple of our QA servers. You need the export command to set the server variable if you have never installed the agent previously from the K1K provisioning. If this is an upgrade, the environment variable for your server should already be set.

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Here is what you need.

sudo KACE_SERVER=k1000name rpm -ivh ampagent-5.3.xxxx.i386.rpm

You can get the AMPAGENT from \\KACE_SERVER\client\agent_provisioning\rpm_platform\

Answered 06/11/2012 by: bmlbytes
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This is also documented here: https://support.quest.com/kb/242134/

Answered 05/22/2019 by: cblake
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