I have a Windows XP SP3 scripted install for a range of Optiplex 760 PC's we have from our K2000/2100 Appliance. The past two weeks I have had trouble with the installations not running correctly. It has been over a month since I last did some deployments prior to this. 

The problem is that it is taking ~6hours to run the preinstall tasks (The image is loaded by PXE lightning fast).

Once it gets up to windows installation it is taking OVER 48hours for windows to install.

This is the order of events;
Run scripted install exactly like before, I give up after 30hours
Tried a 2nd Optiplex 760 (Exact same specs). Left it to run and on the 3rd day it had completed installation.
I Tried a brand new hard drive in both machines to the same result.
I Tried with brand new RAM sticks to the same result.
2 Days pass and I run a scripted install on the 1st machine EXACTLY the same as before without rebooting K2100 or touching hardware. It installs completely within the hour.
I try to deploy to another Optiplex 760 (same specs) and back to being slow.
I decide to update to the latest version 
3.4.63129 from 3.3.x
I try again to run the same scripted install 
but this time I am prompted to put in the file share credentials to some sort of preinst directory, which I believe is during the Upload Hardware Inventory Task. Once I put in credentials it continues and eventually windows starts its 48Hour install.

I am out of ideas on how to trouble shoot and the fact it randomly did a normal install in the middle of this makes me think its a glitch. 

I have tried rebuilding the driver cache.

What else should it try?

Is there an update/rebuild for WinPE?

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look at the bios version of the 760's

Set the the HDD set to achi instead of ata. (make sure you have the achi drivers in image)

You may also have to look at the nic speed negotiation, you may be getting a mismatch between the 760 and the switch.

Answered 02/07/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Winpe version is controlled by the waik version of the machine you use to upload your boot envs from. There is an uipdate for the WIAK to get winpe to 3.1
  • In the past the ATA mode setting has not been a problem. But I did try setting to AHCI again and it still took 3 days to fully complete the install. But I am just imaging up another machine with AHCI set and it is zooming along. I have tried different RAM configurations and sleep states etc but nothing so far works consistently.
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First, since you updated from 3.3 to 3.4, there were security enhancements, which is why you are getting the credential prompts.  That upgrade should have included new boot environments for you to try.  Just select them from the pxe boot screen, or change them to be default.  If you have other drivers that need to be added to the kbe, then you will have to build a new one.

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Answered 02/07/2013 by: cserrins
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  • Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying but I'm not trying to use the boot environments. I am trying to do a scripted install of XP. The KBE's lack descriptions of the OS and in the past have been unreliable at running without interaction for me. Although a lot of this is self taught so far so I haven't invested in training on them as there is so far no need. Is there a way to change the script used to mount the Y Drive? We currently like the credentials as they are.
    • I was addressing the issue where KBE stops to ask you for credentials. To resolve that issue, build a new KBE with the 3.4 Media Manager.
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