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Created an image size 7.8GB and deployed it to machines set up on a v-lan to image server (Kace 2100).  First 4-5 machines started fast but as I added more machines, the htt://SERVERNAME/boot/?/iEUFI/Sources/boot.wim takes longer and longer to complete and continue on to Imaging menu.  Then when I deploy the image, the copying image part has been running for over 3 hrs.  Why is it being so slow? 

I am running 18 machines through a switch to the image server.
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  • Is your switch 1gb or is it a 100mb

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Do you use UNICAST or MULTICAST for deploying?
How the server is connected, how is the network built.
What happens if you have a VM on the same subnet and the same virtualization system how long does it need then?
Please check also servername/munin for performance issues
Answered 07/23/2017 by: Nico_K
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Can you use multicast with a WIM image?
Answered 07/23/2017 by: lmcginnis
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