I have a Windows 10 1703 Enterprise image that sys preps and uploads to the K2000 with no problems
When I apply the image to any machine using the K2000 the Windows Store errors and all the Store apps (Calc, Photos etc) won't open.  
If I apply the image without the K2000 it is fine.  
I have no Mid-level or Post Install tasks.  My only preinstall tasks are for Partition, NTFS and MBR
Any ideas what is going on or how to troubleshoot these issues?  
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  • I would recommend comparing the answer file you are using on the K2000 with the one you are using to apply without the K2000. There must be a difference there that is causing the issue.
  • There is a new Sysprep Creator 4.0 released a month ago.

    If you are in 4.0 or higher I think you can use it, and you will see they added more options for Win10 Deployments.

    You might want to generate the answer file again and recapture with that one.
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