Deployment of win 10 image to Dell XPS 13 model 9350 takes over 2.5 hours and the image is only 4.5Gb in size. Our k2000 is version 3.7.120251 and I have created new kbe with the new win pe driver pack 10. Created a bootable flash disk for uefi boot and used a usb to gigabit ethernet device to connect to the k2000 server. Can anybody suggest how to shorten deployment time? Thanks.
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  • I think that this has something to do with the device drivers for the USB/Ethernet dongle that you're using.
    I'm not expert about this specific DELL model: is the adapter that you're using provided by DELL as well?
    Marco - StockTrader
  • Thanks Marco. The USB/ethernet dongle is not provided by Dell. I think the problem lies in the computer as I have tested another computer and the image seems to be deploying ok. Will be doing more testing but was having a panic attack. Have been building bootable KBEs and testing different combinations. Will post later on the outcome. Thanks,
  • Hi rick, did you have any luck improving the deployment time with the XPS 13 laptops?
    Experiencing the same problem myself with images taking 5+ hours to deploy.
  • No, I am waiting for a new shipment of Dell XPS and to image with our image and send it to Kace to sort it out. As for our urgent deployment had to resort to
    1) update the BIOS
    2) change from UEFI to legacy
    3) boot to KBE via usb flash disk
    4) go to recovery and run ghost from the command interface.
    Sounds long winded but I was desperate and it took an hr to image. Will post updates later about how Kace fix this.
  • I am seeing the same thing with the 9350s. Anyone sort this out yet? Other models imaging fine, this occurs with both W7 and 10. Latest BIOS, multiple ethernet adapters. Thanks
    • Kace is looking @ this issue currently. I will have to check with them as to how it is going. Thanks.
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The trick is to create a new KBE booting environment including the NVMe M.2 drivers.

Be aware that each manufacturer has its own driver.


Answered 08/02/2016 by: Gatzu78
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Check Dell XPS 13 Manual for power management steps that reduces deployment time in window 10 in just four steps only. 

Answered 03/17/2017 by: vutyba
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THERE IS A FIX! This one was maddening!

Link with info here:


Basically dell has released this K-SWIM fix, that is not yet "officially official...". Awesome.

From what I understand - they don't know why this happends or to which models/boards/hds...seems to be more laptops.

Bonus. The image applies MUCh faster.
Answered 05/31/2016 by: matthewconlon
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