I recently updated to version 3.6.98680 of the K2000.

During my Windows 7 x64 scripted installs, I get a failure error message when I install SEP via a post install task.  The error I get is "Return code 1" and then "Unknown error". I've run this in the past on my scripted installs without error.

In the past I just ran setup.exe to install it, but I noticed by default it goes and does a live update after the install.  This was never a problem on 3.5, but I was thinking this was causing the error on 3.6 so I changed the install to block the live update and block reboots.  This is the command I'm running now: setup.exe /v"/qn RUNLIVEUPDATE=0"

I still get the failure message on 3.6 after doing this.  I have to hit resume build after this runs, and the rest of my build completes successfully.  After it finishes I log on and can see SEP was installed correctly.  I tried just plain setup.exe and got the same result.

What is causing this error on version 3.6 of the K2000 and how can I prevent it?

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  • Hello,

    I think you'd share more details.
    You mentioned an error but:
    1-Is this a scripted install or an image deployment? If this is an image is the image sysprepped?
    2-What is the exact nature of the error? Were you able to grab some logs? How it looks like?
    3-What is the target OS?
    4-Are you sure than the SETUP.EXE is not trying during the process to install a device driver?
    5-What happens if you create on VMWARE a VANILLA OS (install the OS and stop, no join domain no antivirus) and then you try to launch manually from a command line the same installation command? Are you prompted in any way?

    This material should be enough to start with an analysis of the issue.
    Kind regards,
  • I answered questions 1 and 3 in my post.

    2. I don't know where to look for the logs, as it happens in a scripted install.
    4. I've never seen an antivirus try to install a driver.
    5. It would work. I've run the script on a physical machine and it works. Also, the installer works in the KACE build, it just throws an error during the scripted install forcing me to click resume.
    • Hello,

      some of them are installing drivers especially if they are not only antivirus but if they have a DLP / Intrusion Prevention functionality.
      Do you know if there is a way to download the agent? I'd like to see what happens in my environment.
      Have you opened already a case with the support?
  • Driver or no driver install, SEP is installing and running. KACE just throws an error.

    I don't think SEP is free to download. Yes I have a ticket open. They told me to put it in a .bat file, which didn't work.
    • So you created a zip file with the MSI and BAT and you are invoking the BAT (do not use the CALL syntax anymore) and is still not working?
      Really weird :(.
      I'd suggest to give to them the MSI so they can reproduce the issue in house.
  • Again, it works. SEP installs. KACE just throws an error.
  • It looks like this is related to an error SEP throws at the end of its install. I read a few things on the Symantec forums about people having similar issues with SCCM and running the SEP exe. You can write something at the end of your install to have SEP generate a success message instead of an error, or you can just do a msi install created with the SEP manager (http://www.symantec.com/connect/articles/how-do-i-create-and-configure-custom-symantec-endpoint-protection-installation-package-vers).

    I went with the msi and it is working.
    • Do you have an alternate link? The one above doesn't appear to work. We are having this issue with SEP only after upgrade to K2000 v. SEP installs but throws an error and must be manually bypassed during the K2000 scripted install.
      • Sorry I don't have another link.

        This is the command I run against my SEP zip file if this helps:

        msiexec /i "sep64.msi" /passive /norestart RUNLIVEUPDATE=0
      • Thank you edwimb I will give that a try
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I was having the same issue and it was driving me crazy.  From what I have read, everything is fine, SEP just throws an error due to a needed reboot or live update or both.  I found this article which helped me with an acceptable resolution: 


Following the instructions, I created a batch file with the following 2 lines:
start /wait setup.exe
exit /b 0
Named the batch file SEP.bat, then I zipped the setup.exe and the SEP.bat file, create a new application task uploaded the zip file and called the SEP batch file in the parameter box, and it worked like a champ. Hope that helps.
Answered 07/01/2015 by: jatwood@gatesair.com
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