I'm trying to run the KBE Manipulator version  I have have the latest Windows 7 AIK installed as well as the latest Dell CLI Utility and K2000 Media Manager.  Every time I try running KBE Manipulator, as a user or administrator, it pops up an error message titled, "AutoIt Error" and states, "Line 8234 (File "C:\Program Files\Dell\Kace\KBE Manipulator\kbe_manipulator_x64.exe"):  Error: Subscript used on non-accessible variable.

I've checked the path it references and it exists, so it must be something else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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This has been fixed in version, which is available on the KBE Manipulator page.
Answered 02/09/2016 by: cserrins
Red Belt

  • That's great! I'm downloading it now and will report back.

  • It works! Thanks a lot for following up on this.
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close the kbem
delete the files in your temp directory
open a cmd window and do a net use.
delete any connections to the k2000
Answered 12/08/2015 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • I did what you suggested and still received the same error. I also logged off and back in to free up as many files in the temp directory and cleared them out again; still the same error when running kbe manipulator.

    Any other thoughts?
    • let me email the author of that
      • Sounds good. Thanks!
      • he is looking into it, I am seeing if I can duplicate it. can you update your question with screen shots of the settings you have checked
    • also what does the last couple lines of the kbem log that is in your temp directory show?
    • got everything installed you listed on a w7x64 machine and it uploaded without a problem. waiting to see your screen shots and log entry
      • Sorry for the delay. Here are the screenshots:

        The log brings about another point that I should make, I work on an isolated network with no outward facing connections. The K2000 also sits on that network.
      • I think it is the isolated network that is your problem. The KBEM goes and checks for updates when it starts and that is where your logs stop each time.
      • emailing author with that finding to see what he says
      • I am able to duplicate that error by hooking my test machine to another machine so I have a connection between t he 2 that goes no where. It is the network you are on that is causing this error
      • I see through wireshark that it tries hitting scriptingninjas.com, but it's actually waiting for a return so setting it to localhost won't work. Any ideas on a work around, if any?
      • Heard from Corey, he will work on a fix to bypass this check if the KBEM can not see an outside address.
      • Great! Thanks a lot for helping with this.
      • I have done a lot of beta testing for the K2 engineer that wrote that app so I know it really good, glad to help.
    • Try unplugging the network and start kbem. See if it gets to first screen, is fo, then plug the network cable back in and you should be good to go.
      • Hi, Corey. I just tried that and get the following messages and log data:
      • To clarify, I get the, "No Active Internet Connection" message first. Once I click OK to that, I get the "KBE Manipulator" window thanking me for using it. Once I click OK to that, it stops.
      • I've been out of the office for a few days. No other suggestions? I was really hoping to use your tool to setup automatic deployments. Let me know. Thanks again!
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