I created a image in a virtual machine, I sysprep using the following commands sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:c:\unattend\unattend.xml

After uploading this k-image I went through the browser and changed the unattend.xml under c:\windows\panther  and deleted the c:\unattend directory. I notice after imaging a machine, that directory still exsist and the xml under c:\windows\panther is not the update xml file.

If I download the xml from the browser, it will show the updated changes but through the image its not changing. I understand that running sysprep the xml will become cached.

Is there a way I can change my xml file used in my image and also delete c:\unattend  or will I have to create a script to delete that.

If I'm not making much sense, let me know and I will edit my post...... but please help me
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  • Additional Information, "Remove local files not in image " is checked and also I have disk format as a Preinstallation Task
    • if you are formatting the drive you do not need to check the remove box, there are no files to worry about at that point
  • update, I added a blank folder name changes to the c: I notice that a commit changes come up, so now the unattended folder is deleted like i wanted and the update xml file is in place, but the changes folder doesn't show up in the image. Its like it takes too long to update or you have to update sooo many times to see it change.
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Make sure you commit your changes after you upload the files. If you are using RSA's, you must re-sync them.
Answered 07/25/2014 by: stephen_c01
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  • i did the commit changes, theres no RSA setup. After so many times of making changes stuff would update. Like if I changed my xml to a new one it wouldn't show on the 1rst commit or so. On the 4rth time I added a changes folder and commit changes and my new xml showed but the changes folder didn't.
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Since you are using a kimage vs a wim file.  the best thing to do is create a mid level task to make the changes you want to the image prior to it rebooting and running sysprep to finish the image.

You should put the master xml that you call during the sysprep in c:\windows\system32\sysprep then you do not have to worry about deleting c:\unattend
Answered 07/25/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • P.S. kace also can modify the c:\windows\panther xml file during some phases, that depends on what task you are using.
    • I will keep that in mind for future references, thank you.
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