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I've been working on getting the KACE K2000 imaging process working and I'm to the point where I'm working on automating joining a computer to a Windows Active Directory domain.  I got it to work properly using the post-installation task preloaded with the device using this guide that references the join_domain.vbs script.




My question is, is there anyway that can be run without displaying the password in plain text on the command line path?

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We created a special k2000joiner user that has rights to join machines and modify existing computers entries only and use that user in the scripts. 

Answered 07/24/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • That's what I was also thinking of, sounds possible. I'll go with that then.
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Well if you turn the echo off in the batch file it should block the display of the commands that are being run.  Assuming you are following the post here: 


You could just add the line:    @echo off to the top of each of the batch files, particularly the 2_join_domain_xxx.bat file.

Answered 07/26/2013 by: jamie_kace
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  • Actually I was using this one in question


    I tried that one you linked first but I was never able to get it to do the 2nd task of joining the domain, it would just rename the computer instead.

    But now I'm having an issue regarding this script only wanting to join with certain user accounts and they are all domain admins so I haven't figured out why exactly that's happening. Possibly certain password characters aren't supported to use with that script??
  • I have been tweaking that script recently and it seems to be working pretty well. I moved the registry additions to call script #2 to before the wsname call in the first script. I had wsname prompting me for the name and I think depending if you said ok to the reboot or not and just hit exit, it would not process the reg command.

    I have seen some rare instances of passwords that have odd characters not being passed properly in the script. You might try to use a user that is failing, change the password to something simple and retest the script.
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