Has anyone successfully deployed an image (WIM) to a MS Surface Pro? If so, what do your pre-install tasks look like?

I have captured an image from a win8.1 laptop, but it fails when deploying to the MS Surface.

The surface will boot to the KBE envrionment, allow me to select the image to deploy, the imaging process kicks off, but after some time it fails on the task: Apply Image, Return Code: 4294967295

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  • what versions of .net are on the laptop image?
  • have the some prob with multicast!

    kace 2000 3.6

    do you have a solution?
  • When you captured the WIM how was the bios set? Was it set to UEFI? If so did you add the hidden partition before capturing?
  • I had this issue when deploy a WIM to a Latitude E6420 & E6400. The captured images was Windows 7, drives C: and D:. I found that when it was deploying, my diskpart script had labeled the volumes backwards. I swapped the assigned drive letters for the partitions and the WIM depolyed.
  • Having the same problem with an IBM T540. I tried the UEFI settings and the diskpart.

    I went so far as to take a new one out of the box, capture the image, and then deploy it to another machine. It still fails. Thoughts?
  • Were you able to replicate the same number of partitions when you deployed the captured image? The Elitebook 1000 G2 tablet I am working on, has 7 volumes -- but 6 partitions... I'm trying to see if I can replicate the disk formatting. It is the UEFI type. Or did you solve this already? I see your post is from a few months ago.
  • I finally was able to create a KBE for the Surface Pro 3 and was able to boot to the KACE imaging menu. I captured the image fine. The pre-install tasks were create single partition, format ntfs and install ..8..MBR. I deployed to a Surface and it appeared to be successful but when it booted it asked me to create a new administrator password and then went to a screen with various options. I tried different combinations of options, but it just kept coming up to this screen. This is the screen that you get when you hold down Volume + and power up.
  • Had this error with a Window 7 x64 deployment, kept failing on Apply Image with the same return code. My issue turned out to be a faulty RAM module, so replaced it and worked fine. Hope this helps someone!
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