Visited a remote site yesterday to refresh the systems with a scripted install that works great at the main site. Found that a couple softwares weren't installed. Looked closer and saw that the Extender's peinst directory was messed up. It had the script dependency directories, but for the two missing software I found  that not all the files were there.

In the case of my adobe reader installation script, it had the "contents" folder, but was missing a couple files. For my Office installation, it had the zipped depedency, but the "contents" folder was missing, like it failed to unzip it.

I checked a second extender ( that had the same scripted install ), and found the same exact issue.

I tried syncing the extenders, which they did without error, letting me know sync was complete and there were 0 bytes needed to transfer.

Has anybody seen this issue? How can I correct the peinst directory on the extender? 


I was able to workaround this error by duplicating the afflicted tasks, and swapping in these duplicate tasks to a new SI. I found that these new tasks didn't have the issue. 

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I created a ticket at KACE for this issue some time ago, it is a know bug, if you upload a piece of software (bigger zip file) and then right after sync with a remote site then it could get messed up, you should upload the file, then wait 10 minutes before you sync.

I had the problem with Office 2010 missing ALOT of files.

It should be fixxed in the next version, but the work around right now should be to wait 10 minutes or so before you sync it.

I hope that helps
- René

Answered 08/03/2012 by: rmeyer
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  • Thanks for the hand's on info
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I'm assuming they're all the same version? 

Try reuploading the installer.

Answered 08/01/2012 by: dugullett
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  • The postinstallation task is fine on the K2000.

    Yup, same version.
    • I saw another post where cserrins suggested reuploading the installer to the K2. This fixed it. I'm working on finding the link. I'm curious if this will fix your issue. The only problem is how will you know in the future if it happens again?
  • dugullett is this the one you were thinking of?
  • I created a SI that was missing the two damaged postinstallation tasks. I then synced that over and removed the existing SIs.

    Now I am syncing over the original SIs and will report if that fixes the broken tasks.
  • Postinstallation tasks transferring over and already I can see that the reader script is in the same state.
  • I would do what corey suggested to the other persom then

    cserrins | 04/20/2012 |

    I would call in to support to get a tether, this is something we can fix on the backend.
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