K2000 driver management

First lets say you have just a Windows 7 KBE,

Do all the storage & Network driver for each machine need to be in the KBE_Windows_xXX folder?

Example  drivers\Kbe_windows_x64\E7040\Storage

Or do you place the drivers in the Winpe folder?

Example drivers\kbe_windows_x64\winpe03\E7040

Second lets say you now have a windows 10 KBE instead of the Windows 7. But you still have some machine that need to be imaged as Windows 7. Where would you place the Windows 7 drivers, since it is not good to mix different OS version drivers in the KBE folders?

Does this sound correct?



I am still new to Kace and use to working with MDT \ WDs, so if someone could clear things up for me, I really appreciated.  

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Posted by: SMal.tmcc 4 years ago
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I use winpe10 kbes only for distribution of windows 7-10

In the kbe directories I have deleted all content and the only ones I have placed there are for usb dongles and a couple of nics.

for new machines:
When I need to add new drivers I boot the machine with my standard win10pe kbe and if fails I then go get the winpe10 nic driver, load it manually using drvload from a usb stick, run startnet.cmd again to see if that fixes it.  If it does I add the driver to the kbe driver dir and compile a new kbe.


  • What we are see is that we can pxe with the Win10 kbe fine and get to the kace menu. But when the install Win 7 OS task starts, it fails with a error stating Windows Setup could not install one or more boot-critical driers.

    So since I deploying Windows 7, would I try using drvload with the win 7 drivers? Or the WIndow 10 driver?

    If the Windows 7 drivers work, where do you place them, so you can rebuild the KBE. It is my understanding that you should not make OS drivers in the KBE folders. - Jkimberlin 4 years ago
    • Just to be sure you are talking about a scripted install?
      That sounds more like the win 7 source media does not have the drivers you need. Not sure how far the install gets. You either need to set up the driver feed and check use driver feed in the scripted install deployment or add those drivers to install.wim using dism and upload that as new source media - SMal.tmcc 4 years ago
      • We are using a scripted install, it fails right at the start of installing the OS.. If I switch back to a Windows 7 KBE the scripted install works fine. - Jkimberlin 4 years ago
      • ok it is missing a driver you need to copy the files, so that would be in the winpe realm. Are you using a SSD? - SMal.tmcc 4 years ago
      • Yes, Now since we are deploying Windows 7, would we go after the windows 7 drivers? Or would we get the 10 drivers? - Jkimberlin 4 years ago
      • Yes, Now since we are deploying Windows 7, would we go after the windows 7 drivers? Or would we get the 10 drivers? - Jkimberlin 4 years ago
      • you need the drivers for winpe 10, if you cannot find pe drivers use win 10 drivers, sounds like you just need to add the storage driver. you can test this by booting to the kbe and from the main menu choose recovery and open a cmd window. use diskpart and do you see the disk?, if not exit diskpart, load the disk drivers manually and recheck diskpart. - SMal.tmcc 4 years ago
      • DIskpart shows the disk. now when adding the storage / network drivers for each model, do we create a new folder within the Winpe folder? - Jkimberlin 4 years ago
      • I create subfolders to keep them straight, does not matter though - SMal.tmcc 4 years ago
      • Here are the steps that I have taken.

        1. remove all the old Winpe folders / drivers
        2. place the Winpe10 driver pack in their correct KBE folder.
        3. Created subfolders for the models we want to image, only placed the storage and network drivers. (I tried both win 10 & win 7). The drivers were extracted from the cab files I downloaded.
        4. Re-moved and re-add the post-drivers for the models.
        5. Recache all drivers
        6. Created the Win10 KBE, using the Win10 ADK & dell media manager.

        The image still will fail at the start of installing the OS, with the error: stating Windows Setup could not install one or more boot-critical driers.

        I tired using drvload and still get the same error.

        If I undo everything and revert back to our Win 7 kbe, then the machine will image fine. - Jkimberlin 4 years ago
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