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I was wondering if someone else has come across this issue. When we build a machine on our network on our 104 network (XX.XX.104.XXX) via KACE once in a while (no specific time/pattern) the rest of the machines on the network start having connection issues to various services.

My network engineer advised it could be KACE flooding the network due to the software multi-casting across that subnet.

Anyone else experienced this issue or know of any kind of resolution?

Chris D.

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  • Are you using .WIM or K-Image?

    I have not had any issues with this personally. Is this only occurring in one location? What type of architecture is the local network running Cat5, 5e, or 6?
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Not sure if you're using the exact technical term when you say "mulicasting", but the K2000 does not currently multicast so it shouldn't be that.  I have seen that when the KBEs are loading, network traffic seems to be affected and hubs especially have a hard time with it.

If the K2000 is the culprit, it should be easily reproducible.

Answered 10/16/2013 by: nheyne
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  • Hi nheyne,

    Thanks for the quick reply. Multi-casting was the term my network engineer passed across.

    He wasn't sure whether K2000 was multi-cast or not so he wanted to clarify.

    We'll investigate further as it seems the PC being deployed either locks up and causes this issue OR locks up after this issue occurs.

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Do you have boot actions set on machines?  How about network scans set up?

Lead L3 Enterprise Solutions Consultant, K2000
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Answered 10/16/2013 by: cserrins
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  • Hi Corey,

    No boot actions set on the machines we manually boot to the boot manager, select "Onboard NIC" and boot into K2000 that way.

    Network scans are run manually at present so they are not running.
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You may have a port to port duplex misconfig somewhere on the network, or a bad driver in the kbe for one of your nic types.  When occurs try to note what segment of the 104 network you are on, does the problem effect a group of machines.  Another thing to try on that machine they suspect is when the machine is running kace boot, go to recovery, open a command window, do large packet pings (ping ikbox -l 20000 -n 20)  to kbox and router to see if you get loss.

Answered 10/16/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • also look at the k2000 home screen does the network utilization look okay? you may want to reload this page a few times to see the numbers change this is snapshot
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