HI, I've got a K2000 3.7 and I'm trying to deploy a Windows 7 x64 WIM image; I've already successfully deployed other images with our K2000 prior to this new WIM.
The capture (from a Optiplex 7010) completed without problems.
I also deployed this image on a VMware ESXi vm and on an Optiplex 3020m, no problems.
Yesterday, trying to deploy the image on an Optiplex 3020m, I ran into a problem. The task starts, cleans the disk, creates two partitions but when the "apply image" task begins, I can only see the K2000 client window copying something: I see the progress bar advancing but I can't see the name of the folders and files being copied. 10-15 minutes later the task stops and returns me an error "Klonewin.exe - Application error - The memory could not be read".

Inspecting the client's disk, I found out that only a folder named W_<date and time> was created on the Windows partition, containing a 0 kb WIM file.

I've never seen this behaviour before: how can I fix it?
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  • My experience of DELL machines is that the actual internals on apparently identical model numbers can be different, especially if bought as different orders. The problem could be down to different chipsets on the motherboard. It could also indicate a hardware fault.
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