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Unable to deploy to 8.1... here is my log:


  [04/29/14 01:32:22 PM] Executing Windows platform provisioning. 

  [04/29/14 01:32:22 PM] Probing tcp ports for accessibility. 

  [04/29/14 01:32:22 PM] Port 139 [netbios-ssn] open 

  [04/29/14 01:32:22 PM] Port 445 [microsoft-ds] open 


  [04/29/14 01:32:39 PM] Executing remote communications:

      Initializing RPC

      Connecting to ADMIN$

      Copying service file

      Disconnecting ADMIN$

      Connecting to IPC$


      Opening pipe to service

      Sending commands

      Sending login credentials

      Begin agent_msi_provision.bat processing.

      Detected 64-bit platform.

      Executing MSI installer.


      C:\windows\TEMP>start /wait msiexec.exe /qn /l*v C:\windows\TEMP\ampmsi.log /i \\\client\agent_provisioning\windows_platform\ampagent-6.0.1079-x86.msi HOST=kbox01.deltahealthtech.com


      C:\windows\TEMP>echo off

      MSI Info: [ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE] A fatal error occurred during installation.

      K1000 Agent is not installed.

      AMP is not connected.

      ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

      KUID value not written by MSI installer.

      End agent_msi_provision.bat processing.

      Removing service (Exit code: 0)

      Connecting to ADMIN$

      Deleting service file

      Disconnecting ADMIN$


  [04/29/14 01:32:39 PM] End of remote communications. 

  [04/29/14 01:32:39 PM] End provisioning run.

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  • Hello rsm11, a reminder to please ensure that you have the above reported via a support ticket at RC60@kace.com so we can validate / troubleshoot the issue. Thanks for participating in our 6.0 Release Candidate!
  • I am running into similar issue but with not just Windows 8 but also on Windows 7. I kept getting Access Denied after it attempt to excute the MSI Installer. Unfortunately, I had to open a ticket and currently waiting to hear back from a KACE Tech.

    I've noticed Kace would upgrade existing systems that are on 5.5 to 6.0 without any issue. The problem is only occurring to a new install of the agent.

    On one of the system I uninstalled the agent, and attempted to push the agent. It failed. Manually installation will work. Pushing was working perfectly fine when we were on version 5.5. I have already tried disabling UAC, disabling Windows Firewall, and rebooting the system as well as KACE appliance.

    Nothing changed in our environment that I am aware of. Again, this occurred after we upgraded to version 6.0.

    I am still searching around for answers as I wait for the call back from KACE.

    If anyone has a possible fix. Please help!
  • I have the EXACT same issue on Win8.1 and Win7 workstations. Really surprised you havent got any resolution posted on this topic since you posted over a month ago. I too have a ticket open and will update once they get me the answer - which will be GP related no doubt. Not everyone has systems sitting out there will full admin rights open to the world!
  • I have the same issue here with 6.2

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