We recently upgraded our K1000 to v6 and the e-mails we used to get from Charlie Root now are coming from root. Is this a change on V6? is there a way to change this to a different name or at the very least go back to Charlie root?

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The address was always root@yourkbox.com but I notice the display name of Charlie Root doesn't always come through. Do you have some kind of filtering/rule going on? If so just change it to the email address...
Answered 06/11/2014 by: jegolf
Red Belt

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I am not sure what yo are asking here. I am not aware of any filters. When our K1000 was initially setup all of the e-mail we received from it with alerts were coming from Charlie Root@ourdomain. This is not something we customized or changed. Once we upgraded to V6 all notifications come from root@ourdomain.

Thanks for your input
Answered 06/11/2014 by: raul102801
Orange Belt

  • Our kboxes have always sent alerts from root@yourkbox.com. After reading your post - I noticed that indeed it used to pass through the display name as Charlie Root on some of our alerts but it is no longer doing that. But in our case the address has not changed. I'm not sure why it would be different for you - but I thought that may be where the confusion was.
    • If you don't have any type of filters or rules for example using that address what exactly is causing issues in your case?
      • it is not as much of an issue as it is annoying. We would like for it to continue saying Charlie root and not root. When you talk about a filter, where exactly would this filter you are referring to be at... e-mail server, outlook?
        In reading your previous post, it seems you are getting the same thing... Did I understand that correctly? you said "indeed it used to pass through the display name as Charlie Root on some of our alerts but it is no longer doing that"
        I just checked again and you are right, the e-mail address was always root although it did display Charlie Root which is what I want to go back to if possible
      • Your assumptions are correct. Hey - I just had to take a stab at what your issue with this may have been...
      • I appreciate your input jegolf. Thanks to your comments, I realized that in fact the address was always root@mydomain and Charlie Root was just the displayed name. I had it all wrong when I said the address was Charlie Root@mydomain.
        Thanks for that
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