I think I must be doing something wrong with my smart label.  I want to take advantage of the new wizard, and I think my my understanding of "and" vs. "or" as well as my understand of "add line" vs. "add group" is not clear.

I want to determine what Private PCs need encryption installed.  Here's the basic requirements of my label

CIR xp - does not contain Public (this is to get private Windows XP PCs)
CIR 7 - does not contain Public (or private Windows 7 PCs)
Software titles - does not contain CMG (exclude PCs with Credant installed)
Software titles - does not contain dell data protection (exclude PCs with DDPE installed)

Here's what I did, but it returned way too many PCs:

I definitely need to better understand the use case of the "add line" vs. "add group" as well as the use of "and" vs. "or", so I can use the wizard.  Can anyone help me out?


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Hello Awingren,

If I understand your problem correctly it seems like you are having issues with your and and or statements like you indicated.


The best way to remember this for me is to think of quotes. When you put an "And" in your label criteria that links the criteria before. When you put an "Or" it indicates an alternative scenario.

So I think about the Or as my break in the statement. For example:

"Criteria1 does not contain Value1 AND Criteria2 does not contain Value2" OR :"Criteria3 does not contain Value3 AND Criteria4 does not contain Value4"

In this example I would have two groups of machines that would end up in the same report. Each machine on the report would be in the first grouping of criteria "OR" the second grouping. Hopefully that helps you a little.

Not knowing all of the variables, I would just change the order of your criteria.

"Authanticator.ini Worstation Type OLD Does not contain Public and Software titles does not contain CMG and software titles does not contain Dell data protection"


"Authanticator.ini Worstation Type NEW Does not contain Public and Software titles does not contain CMG and software titles does not contain Dell data protection"


Hopefully this helps.


Answered 12/18/2013 by: jprimasing
White Belt

  • Thank you very much, Jprimasing! I used your tip and also added in criteria to only see results from machines that have an authenticator.ini file. Between that and reordering it like you suggested I got it working. Thank you again for your help!
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