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Hi guys! I'm new admin user with k1000, and i try to put the best option for downloading softwares for users, and i need your

Which options (Last User, Machine in Assets and Devices tab) need to be linked for user downloads to work? How do I change the options? In my case, we have a large machine park, almost 7000 computers, so we need to use this User Downloads option so that the end user can request these programs, which I put released for installation
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  • Not sure exactly what you are asking. Are you just trying to make software available to everyone or are you trying to limit the the scope to a specific group?
    • I try to do a best practice for make final users to install software in their machines
  • Ok. I think you are just speaking of attaching an installer to User downloads.

    All you need to do is Create a script or Managed installation for the software you would like to have.
    Then go to Service Desk > User Downloads > Select Choose Action > New
    Check the Enable box
    Select your Script / Managed install
    Select Save

    Now you should be able to go into the User UI and see the download
  • Ok, i saw this.
    My question is that for this option to work, I need the machine to be linked to the asset and the last user logged into the computer. I wonder if this is the right choice.
    I believe that you also have the option of requesting the user to install the Software X, add it to a label.

    Which of the 2 practices is the most correct?
  • That is up to you. You can make the software available to the last logged in user, or to a specific computer group.
    You could add an LDAP Container for specific locations or departments. However you feel fit.

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